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29/2012 Transactions of persons having access to confidential information

The Management Board of CELTIC PROPERTY DEVELOPMENTS S.A. (hereinafter „the Company”) informs that today the Company received a notice, in which Mr. Christopher Bruce – Member of the Management Board until 13 July 2012 – has informed that the rights from shares came into existence, following the registration on his securities account of 26.688 (in words: twenty-six thousand six hundred eighty eight) Company’s shares, which is equivalent (Art. 451 § 2 of the Code of commercial companies) to issuing shares taken-up within execution of rights from the A series subscription warrants.

26.688 of C series shares were taken-up by Mr. Christopher Bruce at the nominal value of PLN 0,10 (ten groszy), as result of the execution of rights from A series subscription warrants. The transaction took place out of the regulated market.

Legal basis:
Art. 160 section 4 of Act on Trading in Financial Instruments of 29 July 2005 – information on transactions of persons having access to confidential information.

Signatures of persons entitled to representation:
1. Elżbieta Donata Wiczkowska, Member of the Board, 6 August 2012
2. Aled Rhys Jones, Member of the Board, 6 August 2012


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