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In September 2015, one a year after a joint venture agreement was signed between Unidevelopment S.A. and CPD S.A., construction and sale of apartments in phase 1 of the URSA Smart City is set to begin. The project will be realized in accordance with the Local Zoning Plan published last year. The investment project represents the start of the process of revitalization of the area, and in the course of the next several years a modern urban development will be completed.

Unidevelopment S.A. and CPD S.A. will construct a residential complex at the junction of Hennela and Dyrekcyjna streets in two phases.  The complex will comprise a total of four buildings providing 356 apartments. 181 units will be constructed in the first phase providing individual apartments with floor areas of between 32 and 102 m2. We will offer mainly two- and three-room apartments, these being the most in demand from our customers.  Commercial premises will be located on the ground floor of each building, these areas ranging from 19 to 103 m2.  Parking for 359 vehicles is to be provided at underground level. The design of the residential complex was prepared by the architecture firm Hermanowicz Rewski Architekci.

On 6th and 7th of September at the Warsaw Residential Fair in Hala Torwar, Łazienkowska street detailed information regarding the complex and the apartments offered will be presented.  During early September the on-site sales office will open, to coincide with the commencement of construction works for Phase 1. The completion of this phase has been scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2016.

Residential complex in a modern urban environment

During recent  years a large number of infrastructure investment projects have been completed in Ursus, resulting in this area being one of the most up and coming areas of Warsaw today.  Thanks to the Local Zoning Plan published last year this area is set to undergo further extensive improvement.  Modern sustainable urban development will be constructed with eco-friendly solutions including bike paths, charging points for electric cars, photovoltaic panels, and numerous other innovative solutions. In addition to apartments, planned investments include recreation areas, public and cultural institutions, office buildings and commercial premises. The result will be a vibrant and safe area, which provides every possible convenience to residents.

URSA Smart City housing complex, which will be constructed by Unidevelopment S.A. and CPD S.A., constitutes the first part of the investment project in the area. It will be located in close proximity of the Ursus District Hall, the Factory Outlet shopping center, the local city railway station, the Arsus Cultural Center and the educational center Zespół Szkół Społecznego Towarzystwa Oświatowego in Warsaw.                               

Easy access to Warsaw city center and other parts of the city

The location of the project is just 9km from Warsaw City Centre and it benefits from excellent transport links.  Access by private vehicles has recently been improved by the opening of the newly constructed 4 czerwca 1989 r. street (Nowolazurowa), which connects Ursus to Aleje Jerozolimskie, the Salomea and Opacz Warsaw ringroad junctions, and Nowomory street.  An easy connection to Połczyńska street connects the development to the Western side of the city.   Access to the Warsaw ring road is within approximately 5 minutes drive time.

Future residents of Ursa Smart City will also benefit from convenient public transportation links.  The housing complex will be constructed within close proximity of three railway stations: Ursus, Ursus Północny, Gołąbki and Niedźwiadek.  During peak hours trains depart every 5-10 minutes arriving to the city centre within 15 minutes. There are 12 bus lines close by connecting Ursus with all districts of Warsaw.


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