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Our objective is to build a new urban environment that offers the highest possible quality of life. Intelligent city where relations foster the development of culture, innovation, education and open-minded approach to interpersonal relations. The city where the nature and esthetic harmony coexist to benefit the residents.

Our vision of a smart city is to ensure high standards of life by, among others, creation of space for development of education, culture and services such as galleries, cafés, city market, playground for children, which all play a vital role in the creation of positive energy.

Smart city strategy provides for the integration of various factors into one approach which will define the quality of life of the smart city residents.

For the investor adoption of the smart city concept means cooperation with local authorities and the city – many ICT (Information & Communication Technology) solutions, optimization of energy consumption, waste segregation, traffic and public transportation organization, require the adoption of solutions which affect the system of public services.

Scale of the project of revitalization of postindustrial areas in Ursus offers the opportunity to create a completely new quality of urban structure. That is why the smart city strategy seems to be an attractive formula for the construction of an authentic city without the dominant role of the monoculture of sleeping function or office center function. Multi-functionality of this new urban space will make this area an attractive place for living, education, business and creation of new jobs.


Culture is what determines the quality of life – for the city to be attractive for its residents and to meet their needs it ought to provide space for development of culture. It is not our intention to build another district where all you can do is sleep, we hope to create an authentic urban environment where the residents are able to find their own path of creating and enjoying the works of culture. Our project has an enormous advantage of being located in the area which has its own historical context, existing culture, heritage of residents and local communities which organize themselves around a very active ARSUS cultural center. Cultural development is a long-term process and requires patronage but it is also an integral factor contributing to the quality of life. We are aware of this fact and we would like to be an active participant in this process and that is why are a signatory to the Pact for the development of culture in URSUS.

Promotion of cultural heritage of our neighborhood

We would like to support amateur cultural initiatives active in the area by the introduction of a permanent artistic program of promotions, exhibitions, concerts and reviews which we hope will become  a permanent part of our urban space – in the center designed as a space for the development of these types of cultural meetings.

Cultural education

In this new urban space, we would like to create venues for cultural interaction for residents of all generations. That is why we hope to create a permanent cultural animator with a program of cultural meetings organizing shows, concerts, artistic events as well as lectures on art in the new space. We would also like the cultural events to be available in the virtual space.

Museum of history of Ursus

District of Ursus has its own interesting history which should be presented in a modern virtual form. History of industry dating back to the interwar period and the history of creation of independent trade unions, cultural life – heritage which should be appreciated and should constitute the foundation for the creation of new cultural identity of the residents.


Education for residents of our smart city – will have multidimensional character. Our district should be able to offer to its residents the high quality of education and access to modern systems of experiments so that it matches the high standards of the quality of life. As district of Ursus already has the existing urban system in place, the educational offer needs to be directed to various age groups. Together with our partners we would like to offer modern multidimensional educational space for youngest residents, school youth and university students as well as continuous education for residents, companies and institutions located in the district of URSUS.

Schools and kindergartens – creation of multidimensional educational space for the residents of our smart city

With our youngest residents in mind, in cooperation with co-investors we hope to offer kindergartens and schools located in modern facilities. We would like the newly opened educational facilities to offer the quality of services that is on a par with the best centers in Warsaw.


We would like to create a space which will enable our sector partner to open a university with campus within the district of Ursus

Establishment of continuous education center

We would like to offer educational space for continuous education for residents, companies and institutions with offices located in our district as well as space for the University of the Third Age with the offer tailored to the needs of the residents of Ursus. We would like to invite partners with whom we will be able to jointly develop the high quality of education.


Ecology constitutes one of the key factors contributing to the quality of life. Both the design and construction stage, implementation of construction technology as well as infrastructure management are all vital for the area’s ecosystem. The project of building of a new city on the site of former tractor factory is in effect the project of revitalization of the postindustrial area.

It is one of our goals to use at the stage of construction and later on at the stage of actual use, modern construction and energy technology with neutral impact on the environment. We would like URSUS smart city to be a green, family-friendly place with lots of recreation areas and kindergartens.


We understand that when we use energy resources we should show solidarity and awareness of the possible effect on the environment. Actions of individual residents, investors and users of the space should demonstrate solidarity in respecting and using the natural resources.

Being neutral to the environment

Our investment activities should have as little effect on the environment as possible, among others through the effective use of water and by contributing to the development of green areas. We should not cause new emissions of pollution and we should try to curb the existing ones.

Creation of an ecosystem beneficial for the quality of life of our residents

Green and recreation areas, reduction of emission of noise and pollution, are just a few aspects of the system determining the quality of life.

Harmonious and sustainable development

Urban space of our project should be characterized by harmony with environment and sustainable approach to the transportation infrastructure (among others, system of bicycle paths, parking places), commercial space and recreation areas.

Information policy

To ensure ecological safety, a pollution audit of the area covered by the CPD project has been conducted.


Application of energy saving standards and technologies. For the newly constructed buildings we adopted a rule that they need to comply with all required standards and certificates.

Polution and noise emission

We would like to make our project free of any emissions of pollutions threatening the high quality of life. We would like to get rid of unwanted traffic noise.

Bike paths

Development of bike paths and parking spaces for bicycles. Introduction of the system of city bicycles available for rent and use for a specific period time.

Docking systems

Introduction of parking spaces with the possibility of electric energy charging.

Traffic management system

Development of new residential area in the district of URSUS required introduction of modern public transportation infrastructure solutions so as to create convenient connections to other parts of Warsaw (completion of Al. 4 Czerwca 1989, Nowomory street, Salomea transportation nod). It will also be necessary to introduce in our smart city investment projects which will contribute to the improvement of the traffic system. Our smart city concept provides for the inclusion of the traffic management system in Ursus in the integrated city system.

Comprehensive system of waste disposal and waste management

As a standard we would like to adopt a comprehensive system of waste segregation both for our residents as well as companies and institutions with offices located within the project area.

Recreation and green areas, parks

Development of recreation areas enabling active recreation, sport activities, including jogging routes, places for family recreation, safe kindergartens for children.

We do not forget about our four-leg residents …

Urban space needs to be friendly also to residents who own dogs. The advantage of our project is that we realize it from the very beginning and so we have the opportunity to design many solutions which will benefit residents who own dogs in a way that best meets their needs without causing nuisance to other residents. Our strategic goal in this respect is to provide the best and exemplary solution in Warsaw.


New city space which will be constructed on the site of former tractor factory needs to have a vibrant business life. Current economy based on the information technology society is created in the places with high quality of life parameters stimulated among others, by the surrounding cultural and educational environment.

Exchange of experiences, knowledge, establishment of unique social relations stimulating innovation is one of the key objectives of our project.

We would like our project to be the area with excellent access to information and communication infrastructure constituting the main factor contributing to the creation of new business projects.


Wireless access to internet on site of the CPD residential project.

Broadband fiber optic information and communication network in every apartment.

Tranmission of data

Creation of a system meeting the standards required for the possibility to initiate an individual business project (SLA, capacity, integrated availability of IT and energy services).

Tele jobs

We hope to make our urban project the most popular place of residence for people who do tele jobs from their homes.

Support of local business entities

We would like many educational or cultural projects to be realized by local entities. Development of culture and educational projects should also be reflected in the economic aspect of our local community.

Local services

We would like local services rendered for the benefit of the residents to be provided by the companies active and based in our neighborhood. Monitoring services, education, maintenance of green areas. In our opinion this principle will have positive effect on business stimulation and on the quality of provided services as well as on the creation of local community identifying itself with the local interests.

URSUS multimedia 

In the office area we would like to create a modern office center with access to broadband data transmission services and multimedia technology. Office system will be an ideal place for the business incubator of new technology and information technology services.

As an investor we would like our software and our entire IT systems used for servicing and management of the functions of the smart city apartments in Ursus to be created and managed locally.


Quality of life also means a standard and comfort of living – in our project realized on site of former tractor factory we plan to construct attractive apartments. We would like notions of well-being and functionality to be reflected in the very specific architectural solutions. Modern buildings with apartments with functional floor plans and matching spatial development around the project, create unique harmony. We would like our buildings to offer a number of facilities, to be equipped with an integrated system of access to multimedia services based on the optic access infrastructure.

To find out more about our first residential project, please visit: www.ursa-smartcity.pl


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