15/2017 Registration of G series shares on the securities accounts and the increase of the share capital

The Management Board of CPD S.A. („the Company”), in reference to the current report No. 5/2017 from 21 March 2017, hereby announces that on 17 May 2017 the Company’s share capital was increased as a result of the registration of G series shares on the securities accounts of entitled persons and creation of rights from these shares according to the article 452 of the Commercial Code.

Consequently, the share capital of CPD S.A. was increased by the amount of 170.543,20 PLN to total amount of 3.768.545,90 PLN (in words: three million seven hundred sixty eight thousand five hundred forty five złoty and ninety groszy). The increased share capital of CPD S.A. is divided into 37.685.459 (in words: thirty seven million six hundred eighty five thousand four hundred fifty nine) shares with nominal value of 0,10 PLN (ten groszy) each, representing 100% of votes at the General Meeting of the Company.

Series G shares were issued as a result of exercising the rights to convertible bonds of Series A issued pursuant to Resolution No. 3 of the Extraordinary General Meeting of CPD S.A. Dated 5 August 2014, as part of the conditional increase of the share capital of the Company, which was registered by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, as of 16 September 2014, Current report no 24/2014.

Legal basis:

Art. 34.1.1 of the Decree of Minister of Finance dated 19th of February 2009 on current and periodic information published by issuers of securities and conditions for recognizing as equivalent information required by law of non-member state (Journal of Laws from 2009 No 33 item 259 with subsequent amendments).

Signatures of persons authorized to represent the Company:

Elżbieta Donata Wiczkowska, President of the Management Board, May 18, 2017


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