URSA SMART CITY is a pioneering construction design of a modern housing complex where meeting the needs of its residents is the primary objective. Here the notions of well-being and functionality have been reflected in the very specific architectural solutions. Modern buildings with apartments with functional floor plans and matching spatial development around the project, create unique harmony.

SMART CITY concept also means a number of facilities such as modern broadband IT infrastructure, which will enable its users to streamline videos from the Internet or images from the cameras located within the residential complex on TV screens (ex. view of the playground), free phone calls within the residential complex as well as free WiFi on the patio and eco-solutions such as charging point for electric cars or photovoltaics.

Additionally residents will have discounts on services located within our residential complex. All these facilities have been created so that every day you are able to discover the advantages of good and comfortable life. Construction of our residential project constitutes a part of the spatial and technological revitalization of the entire district of Ursus in accordance with the SMART concept. To find out more please visit www.ursa-smartcity.pl.

URSA SMART CITY has been designed so that you can enjoy the feeling of freedom. That is why it is being constructed in the safest district of Warsaw, in the area where modern infrastructure already exists. In URSA SMART CITY everything is within reach. District Hall, shopping centers, cultural centers, schools, kindergartens and football fields are all located in the close proximity to the project. Residents will also be able to enjoy a park with walkways, bike lanes and benches. Moreover the existing modern road system enables quick connection to other districts and highways. URSA SMART CITY will become an important part of the area blending harmoniously with the surrounding neighborhood.

URSA SMART CITY is our answer to your dreams. Your apartment has been designed in a way so that you can take advantage of its conveniences and enjoy every moment that you spend in your apartment. Wide selection of sizes of the apartments will make it easy for you to find the apartment that meets your needs.

This is where Your world begins. Only You know where it ends.

To find out more please visit www.ursa-smartcity.pl




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