43/2018 Supplement to the current report no. 36/2018

With reference to the current report no 36/2018 published on 14 September 2018, the Issuer supplements the annex to the above mentioned report in a manner that in the description of the professional experience of the member of the Supervisory Board Gabriela Gryger point 6 with the following wording is added:

„6. From 27.03.2018 – Member of the Supervisory Board of ROBYG S.A.”.

Additionally, in the next paragraph the following sentence is added: „In the opinion of the Company, activities of Gabriela Gryger are not in competition against the activities conducted in the Issuer’s enterprise with a reservation that, considering the scope of the business actually conducted, activities of Robyg S.A. are, in the opinion of the Company, in competition against the Company in a scope limited to one administrative area, i.e. the capital city of Warsaw”.

Signatures of persons representing the Issuer:

Elżbieta Wiczkowska, President of the Board, 14 December 2018


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