8/2021 Establishment of security on a loan agreement concluded by a subsidiary

Management Board of CPD S.A. (hereinafter the “Company”) informs that the Company will grant security in connection with the signing of the loan agreement on 20 May 2021 between Ursa Sky Smart City spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością sp.k., which is a subsidiary of the Company (hereinafter “Subsidiary”, “Borrower”) and Bank Millenium S.A. (hereinafter the “Agreement”), on the basis of which Ursa Sky Smart City spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością sp.k., revolving loan of a maximum amount of PLN 30,000,000 is to be granted, intended for financing the construction of a multi-family residential project “URSA SKY – Stage II” in Warsaw in the Ursus district, consisting in the construction of a multi-family building designated as H (“Loan Agreement”). The investment is being developed with the joint participation of CPD S.A. and Unidevelopment S.A..

The collaterals for the repayment of the Bank’s receivables resulting from the Revolving Loan Agreement will be:

– registered pledge with an ordinary pledge as a temporary security for all the rights and obligations of a limited partner of CPD S.A. in connection with the contribution made with a nominal value of PLN 30,008,474.75 in the Borrower’s company.

– statement of CPD S.A. on submission to enforcement for the benefit of the Bank pursuant to Art. 777 § 1 point 5 of the Code of Civil Procedure from all property as to the obligation to pay to the Bank any sums of money in respect of obligations under the Agreement, as amended at a given time, up to the maximum amount of PLN 48,000,000;

– debt accession agreement on the part of Ursa Sky Smart City spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością sp.k. as to the repayment of the loan;

– agreement on the subordination of receivables of CPD S.A. in loan repayment;

The loan will be made available to the Borrower after collateral has been established and after meeting other typical release conditions.

The final repayment of the Loan will take place no later than 31 May 2023. The amounts due will be repaid in PLN, according to the agreed repayment schedule. For the loan granted, the Subsidiary will pay interest at the variable WIBOR 1M interest rate, increased by the Bank’s margin.


Legal basis:

Article 17.1 MAR – Inside information


Signatures of persons representing the Issuer:

Elżbieta Wiczkowska, Member of the Board, 21 May 2021

Iwona Makarewicz, Member of the Board, 21 May 2021


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