9/2015 Amendment to the loan agreement with BZ WBK

The Management Board of CPD Spółka Akcyjna (“the Company” or “the Issuer”) informs of today’s execution of the Annex (“the Annex”) to the loan contract of 12 August 2011 (“the Contract”) by and between: Bank Zachodni WBK Spółka Akcyjna (“the Bank”) and the Issuer’s subsidiary: Belise Investments Sp. z o.o. (“the Subsidiary” or “the Borrower”) as the borrower. The loan was extended in connection with realisation by the Borrower of IRIS office building project situated at ul. Cybernetyki 7b in Warsaw.

The Annex was executed in connection with maturity of the existing loan.

The following amendments have been introduced by the Annex:

1) the Investment Loan up to EUR 18,500,000.00 was extended to refinance the debt by the Conversion and/or refinancing or financing of costs of the lease space finishing and/or payment of the Dividend;

2) the Term for full repayment of the Loan with interest and other costs was set by the parties on 31 May 2021;

3) the Conversion means usage of the funds provided in Tranche B by converting the Debt Amount of Tranche A into the Debt Amount of Tranche B and launching an additional tranche up to a maximum of EUR 1,500,000.

Other essential provisions of the Contract remain unchanged.

Detailed terms and conditions of the Contract do not deviate from market terms and conditions commonly used in such types of contracts.

At the same time, in order to secure repayment of the Loan in connection with the executed Annex, CPD S.A and Lakia Enterprises Limited with the corporate seat in Nicosia (Cyprus) submitted themselves to enforcement. Moreover, the Company signed the Annex to the Warranty Contract.

The above Annex fulfils the criterion for being considered as a significant contract, as its value exceeds the criterion that defines significant contracts, i.e. 10% of the Issuer’s equity, which in the end of 2014 amounted to PLN 401,146 thousand.

Legal basis:
Art. 56 sec. 1 point 3 of the Act of 29 July 2005 on Public Offering and Conditions Governing the Introduction of Financial Instruments to Organised Trading, and Public Companies – confidential information

Elżbieta Donata Wiczkowska, President of the Board, 29 May 2015


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