23/2023 Conclusion And Settlement Of The Cpd S.A. Share Buyback Transaction

Management Board of CPD S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw (“Company“), with reference to current report No. 20/2023 of 24 July 2023 and current report No. 22/2023 of 21August 2023, hereby presents a summary of the on from 9 to 18 August 2023, buyback of own shares (“Buyback“).

As part of the Buyback, the Company purchased 1.274.092 (one million, two hundred and seventy four thousand, ninety two) of its own ordinary bearer shares with a nominal value of PLN 0.10 (ten grosz) each, registered in the securities depository maintained by the National Depository for Securities under the code ISIN PLCELPD00013 (“Own Shares“).

Own Shares were purchased at a price of PLN 25.40 (twenty-five zlotys and 40/100 groszy) per one Own Share and for a total price of PLN 32 179 561,32(thirty two million one hundred seventy nine thousand five hundred and sixty one zlotys 32/100 groszy). The total nominal value of the purchased Own Shares is PLN 127 409,20(one hundred and twenty seven thousand four hundred and nine zlotys and 20/100 groszy).

Acquired by CPD S.A. Own Shares constitute 14,22% of the Company’s share capital and 22.014% of the total number of votes at the Company’s general meeting (prior to the Purchase, the Company already had 3 208 149 own shares). Pursuant to Art. 364 § 2 of the Code of Commercial Companies, the Company will not exercise the share rights attached to Own Shares, except for the right to sell them or perform activities aimed at retaining these rights. Own Shares were purchased for redemption pursuant to art. 362 § 1 point 5) k.s.h.

As part of the Buyback, 195 sales offers were submitted, covering a total of 5.261.960 (five million two hundred sixty one thousand and nine hundred and sixty) shares of the Company. Due to the fact that the total number of the Company’s shares offered for purchase by the Company’s shareholders under the Buy-back exceeded the total number of shares that the Company intended to buy under the Buy-back, the Company reduced the sale offers of the Company’s shares, applying the reduction rules described in detail in the invitation to submitting offers for the sale of the Company’s shares as part of the Buy-back. The weighted average reduction rate of the submitted bids calculated from individual reduction rates was 75,77%.

The Buyback of Own Shares was concluded and settled on 23August 2023. The Own Shares were purchased outside the regulated market through the National Depository for Securities.

Legal basis:
Art. 17 ust. 1 MAR – informacjepoufne

Elżbieta Wiczkowska, Członek Zarządu, 24 August 2023 r.
Iwona Makarewicz, Członek Zarządu, 24 August 2023 r.


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