Thank to the Master Plan the former ZPC Ursus area of 220 ha gets total methamorphosis in a few next years. On the area with that high potential, real estate developments with innovational form of Smart City with all city infrastructure, giving to the district balanced development, will arise. Realization of investment as a cooperation with local government, will be began by the owner of a site – CPD SA and Unidevelopment S.A. as well as Unibep S.A.

Works on a Master Plan took approximately 8 years. The document was validated on 15th of August of 2014. It’s adoption will give a chance to the local government of district as well as all the investors having ownership rights to the land, to begin revitalization process.

„This is a historical moment for us, Celtic Property Development SA, which since 10 September 2014 uses the new name CPD SA as the owner of the largest amount of land covered by the plan, from the years he actively campaigned for the adoption of this document. Our idea for the project in Ursus Smart City, which is investing a modern, open and integrated with the rest of the district. That’s why we wanted to plan, as he defines and protects all social, educational and cultural. Without it difficult to build a modern urban fabric is an integral part of the district. “- Says Michalina Wiczkowska, CEO of CPD SA “

CPD S.A. from the beginning of the action in Ursus give priority to work closely with the local government of district and the city. Prior to the adoption of the plan by the Council of Warsaw, the board of CPD and the city authorities signed an agreement on a free transfer to the local government almost 8 acres of land, and today the Declaration of Support for the District of Ursus. Details of the agreement and the Covenant assume:

1) Free transfer of land for the construction of local roads in the area covered by the master plan for the area located close to the street Orlow Piastowskich.

2) Recognition of investment plans and execution issues the creation of new green spaces and recreational facilities available to residents of Ursus.

3) Introduction of security solutions and reduce the risks resulting from the process of revitalization of falling LDP.

4) Cooperation in the implementation of educational and sports complex areas included in the Unitary Development Plan as designated for educational purposes.

5) Support of the Centre for Culture Arsus on postindustrial sites in Ursus.

6) Cooperation in the maintenance of the Museum of Ursus on postindustrial sites in Ursus.

“Probably as an investor are introducing a completely new standard of cooperation with the local government, but we believe that we have the right and duty. Our project is unique in many ways, so close cooperation with the authorities of Warsaw Ursus is essential to the effective implementation of our plans. “- Says Piotr Turchoński, CPD Board Member, responsible for the design of Ursus.

CPD S.A. is ready for immediate beginning of actions related to the master plan. For the first of the project, partner from the developer sector was choosen. CPD S.A. signed a cooperation agreement with Unidevelopment S.A. today. It will rely on the joint implementation of complex multi-family buildings with a service and the accompanying infrastructure.

„Project Ursus is a great investment calculated on a decade, I am glad that we will have the pleasure to realize a vision of Smart City. Our partner appreciated achievement of capital group Unibep in the housing sector. It will be an interesting challenge for our team. We put at the disposal of the project our best experience in housing.” – Said Jan Mikołuszko, Chairman of the Board Unibep SA.

Master Plan allows you to start the revitalization of postindustrial sites and organize urban area of about 220 hectares, constituting 25% of the entire district of Ursus. Currently, it is the area with the greatest potential investment in m. St. Warsaw covered by a uniform development plan. Moreover, it is just 9 km away from the center of the city center and 5 minutes drive from Frederic Chopin Airport. It has excellent infrastructure and modern solutions in the field of public transport: rail and road.

In accordance to Master Plan, CPD S.A. as the largest investor can realize projects with a floor area of about 740 thousand m², of which about 450 thousand m² can be used for housing, 250 thousand for building service-trade and 40 thousand sq ft under public building. The Company intends, however, to modify these assumptions to optimize the building and increase the attractiveness of a location for potential residents, and thus achieve maximum project value for its shareholders.


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